Google Drive Flaw, Let Hackers to Inject Malware In Our PC

Google Drive Flaw
Google Drive Flaw

Today Lets See About Google Drive Flaw, A Feature Was Introduced By Google Drive. Which Become A Big Flaw, Which Allows Hackers To Inject Malware Easily In Our Computer. This Is The Easiest And Tricky Way To Inject Malware In Our Devices. This Flaw Easily Bypass Chrome Security Production Too. Let See More About In The Demo In The Below. From The Image Or important Or Useful Document, Hackers Can Spread The Viruses Easily.

Google Drive Flaw, Let Hackers to Inject Malware In Our PC

Google Drive Flaw
Google Drive Flaw

Recently Google Drive Have Add A New Feature Called “Manage Versions”. This Is The Feature Helps hackers To Inject Viruses Easily. This Is The Important Security Issue, Be Aware From It.

Basically Manage Version Is The Feature To The Users To Download The Latest Version Of The File Or Document Or A Image. But Google Drive Should Check The File Name Or At Least They Should Check The Extension At least. Its Has Been Reported, Let See About It below.

A System Administrator, A. Nikoci Has Unfortunately Found A Bug In Google Drive. And Also The System Administrator has reported this bug to the Google Drive About This Flaw. The Bug Was Found I Manage Version, For A Exist File, Any Other Extension File Can Be Stored On The Cloud.

A. Nikoci, System Administrator Shared A Demo Video About The Bug Found On Google Drive With The Hacker News. The Virus Can Be Injected By Replacing The Old Files By Virus With The Same Url. The Main Highlights Or The Advantage Was It Display The Old File In The Preview But When You Download The Latest Version Of File In Download.

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Chrome Also Not Able to Found The Malware. Chrome Will Detect The Malware And Alert us. But If We Download The File From Managed Version File It Is not Detecting. So If Your Are Downloading Any Document, Images, Or Files, First Of All, Check The Extension Of The File Before Opening It. If There Is Possible To Scan The File, Do It.

At least Scan A File, If You Are Not Having The Anti Virus, Scan The File Using Online Antivirus Web Applications. Which Prevet You From The Hacking.

Nikoci Said that

“Google lets you change the file version without checking if it’s the same type. They did not even force the same extension.”

This Is The Big Issue And Highly Possible That Easily Spread The Virus. If The Hackers Shared A Paid Book Or Any Other Premium File, We may Download These File To Test Before Buying It. So From This way They Can Spread The Malware Viruses And Hack Us Easily.  At least Be Aware While Downloading Some File From Google Drive.

Recently, Gmail Spoofing Became The Big Issue, Even They Enabled Security Policies. Gmail Flaw, Which May Allow Hackers To Send Spoof Mail To Gmail Or G Suit. They Have Fixed The Gmail Spoofing bug Quickly. As Like That If Google Look At To This Bug To Quickly. Many Of The Users Can Be Prevent From The hacks.

Many Big Verified Twitter Account Like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Obama & Others Account Has Hacked. They Itself hacked Easily, We are Mostly Unsecured When We Compared To Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Obama.

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Well, Today We Have Discussed About The Google Drive Flaw, And Also We Have Embed The Video. Don’t Try This bug, Which Has Been Tutorial In The Above Video. We Hae Added This Video For The Education Purpose Only. I Hope This Article Will Help You To Prevent From The Hacking. Share This To Your Friends And Family!!!


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