What Is the Internet? How did Internet work? Who Owns the Internet?

What Is Internet? How did Internet work? Who Owns the Internet?
What Is Internet? How did Internet work? Who Owns the Internet?

Well, This Is My First Post After Long Break What Is the Internet? How did Internet work? Who Owns the Internet? About Every Day We Are Using Many Social Media Like Facebook, WhatsApp And Much More Through Internet. But Many Of Us Don’t Know What Is Internet? From This Article, We Are Going To Learn About The Internet And Its Functions And Much More. If You Know About It Feels Free To Comment It In The Comment Section.

What Is the Internet? How did Internet work? Who Owns the Internet?

Let Begin With A Simple Question, What Does Internet Consist Of. We Use All Social Media’s, We Are Using It For The Contents Posted By Our Friend Or Family Member Or Whoever May Be. Without Content Or Data, Social Media’s is Nothing. A Person Or A Company Or A Organization Cant Satisfy The Different Viewers Need. I Think You Many Get The Point.

Internet Is The Network, Which Connects Many Computers. Internet Help Us To Communicate Each Other Which Means Sharing Of Resources Like Image, Video Or Any Types Of Files. Who May Have The Question That “How I Am Sharing Something?” Or “How My Computer Sharing Something?”. Not Only Sharing The Resource Also Reading Or Viewing The Other Resouces.

Google Or Facebook Companies Are Not Owning The Internet. Google Help Us To Find The Content And Facebook Help Us To Connect Each Other. With The Help Of Ads, They Are Earning Billions Of Money. No One Is Owns the Internet.

For Example, If You Connect The Device Through WiFi Or Lan Cable You Can Share Details From One Device To Other. Likewise, Each And Every Computer Is Connected To The Other Computer. From Your Device Also You Can Host The Content And Share It To Anyone. Every Computer Or Mobile Phone Is Capable Of Converting Into A Small Server. Server Is Nothing But A Device Which Is Available For 24X7. Some Companies Make A Dedicated System Or Computer To Run For 24X7 And The Rent It To Others That Is Called “Hosting” Or Server.

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Then What Is Domain? Domain Is A Unique Human Readable Name To The Particular Server Or A Part Of The Data In The Server. We Have Already Seen About What Is Server In The Above Paragraph. All Server Have The Name It Is Called IP Address Not Only Server Each And Every Computer Has Its Separate IP Address. IP Address Is Like House Number Or Vehicle No.

Then You May Have The Doubt That Why I Have To Pay For The Hosting And A Domain? You Are Right. Some One Has To Manage Our Data’s Know To Access By Everyone At Any Time. We Have Heard The Word DNS, What Is DNS? DNS (Domain Name Server) Is The Concept To Convert Domain Name Into IP Address For The Computer To Understand And IP Address To The Domain Name For The Humans. DNS Is Resolved With The Help Of Some Of The Severs Owned By Various Organization’s. To Maintain That They Need Money So They Are Collecting Money In The Form Of Domain Registration Fee.

Till Now There Are 13 DNS Root Servers Are Running By Various Organization’s. If You Are Entered Google.com In The Browser, Browser Will Request The Data From These 13 Server And Store The IP Address In Your Local Storage For Feature Use.

Let us See The Answer For The Second Question, Your Can Host Your Website In Your Computer Itself But The Visitors Won’t Wait Until Switch On The System. So We Are Renting A Server Which Is Simply A Computer From A Company They Run Their Server For 24X7, They Have To Pay Electricity Bill, Internet Bill, They Have To Regularly Maintain Their Server And Also Have To Protect Our Data From Stealing By The Hackers.

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Lets Windup With This, Internet Is A Big Topic We Can Learn About It By The One Article. Thank You To The All Visitor For Reading This Article. If You Know About It, Please Comment In The Comment Section. And Also Try To Write In Simple English, So Other Viewers Also Can Be Came To Know.


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